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Enrolment Information

School Attendance

Children who attain the age of 5 years by 30th April in a year may commence school at the beginning of that year. Each child is expected to attend every school day unless the parent has a valid reason.

Enrolling at Lyndale Greens Primary School

Lyndale Greens Primary is committed to ensuring that all students and their families feel a part of the whole school community. To support families with their decision in enrolling their child at Lyndale Greens Primary School, we provide an informative tour of the school that showcases how we successfully cater for the social, emotional and academic needs of all students. Tours can be organised by contacting our friendly office staff.

Enrolment forms are available at the office or by clicking here.

The following documents are all required to complete enrolment:

  • Completed Student Enrolment Forms
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or extract
  • Immunisation Certificate
  • Passport or travel documents (visa) for non Australian born students

Ready 4 Prep

What does our Ready-4-Prep program offer?

Children have the opportunity to learn about life at school and get to know other 4 year olds who will be attending Lyndale Greens Primary school in 2020. They will also meet our experienced Prep teachers, specialist teachers and familiarise themselves with all aspects of school.

Going to school can be a very traumatic and difficult time for children and parents. Providing your child with the opportunity to attend our Ready 4 Prep transition program is a wonderful opportunity to build your child’s confidence and readiness for school.

Parents have the opportunity to meet other parents and teachers and to learn more about the school their child will be attending. This is an exciting and extremely worthwhile program for children and parents. There is NO COST for the program and I encourage all parents who are considering enrolling their child in Lyndale Greens Primary School to attend some or all of the Ready 4 Prep sessions.

Click here to download Ready 4 Prep Information Booklet (PDF)

Parent Information Book

Our Parent Information book provides an extensive range of information for parents, including information about attendance, uniform, what to do if your child requires medication whilst at school, school nursing program, excursions as well as a range of other useful information.

Cick here to view Parent Information Booklet (PDF)

International Students

Lyndale Greens Primary School is registered to receive international fee paying students.

If your child is an Australian citizen, no fees are payable and enrolment may commence immediately you arrive. For certain categories of permanent and long term residency, the same applies.

However, if your child is travelling on a visitor visa, a student visa or short term residency visa, you may need to pay fees to the Victorian Government, prior to starting school. In this case, please contact the Principal, Victoria Golding and we will reserve a place for your child and organise forms and information to be sent to you. The process then is that you will make arrangements with the Department of Education to pay fees. Your child may then commence at Lyndale Greens Primary School as soon as they arrive.