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Home and School Partnerships

Parents know that within their family, each of their children has a wide variety of skills, interests, talents and personalities. Lyndale Greens Primary School is well regarded for the expectations it sets and the outcomes achieved by its students. Our dedicated teachers ensure that our students have access to the very best education.

As parents, you also play an extremely important role in your child’s educational success through:

• Taking an interest in what your child is doing at school.
• Promoting the importance of education at home and supporting what is happening at school.
• Ensuring your child develops appropriate work habits at home (reading nightly, homework, projects).
• Reducing your child’s absenteeism – only allowing them to stay home if they are genuinely ill and not, for example, because it is their birthday.
• Having HIGH expectations of your child to succeed, but remembering every child is different, and therefore measures of success will also be different.

As you are your child’s first and most influential teacher, you are given every opportunity and encouragement to continue to participate in your child’s learning here at Lyndale Greens Primary School. We welcome parent participation in their child’s learning. A positive home - school partnership enables a shared understanding of learning and an increased likelihood of success for the child.

We celebrate the wonderful diversity of our school community, and pride ourselves in the range and quality of programs and facilities we have to offer.

School Parents or Carers and Volunteers Induction Program

Each term we conduct a School Parents or Carers and Volunteers Induction Program for any parent, carer, grandparent or volunteer/ helper. Volunteers must complete this program if they would like to help at Lyndale Greens Primary School.

Why do we have a School Parents or Carers and Volunteers Induction Program?

• Lyndale Greens Primary School Parents or Caregivers as Volunteers Induction Program was developed to provide clear guidelines to parents or caregivers in relation to their participation in school work.

Our beliefs about working together

• Success of the school in terms of students’ achievements is dependent upon a sincere partnership between the staff at the school and the parents/caregivers of the students.
• Research has shown that parental participation in school activities improves the performance and attitudes of the children, as well as benefiting the school.

Guidelines for Volunteers

• All volunteers who assist with children require a current Working With Children record check.
• All volunteers must complete the Lyndale Greens Induction Program.
• All volunteers MUST observe the Visitor Procedures and SIGN IN AT THE SCHOOL OFFICE prior to commencing any activity at the school.

This is for your safety and the safety of your children.

There are many resources to help families support their children in their learning journey.

FUSE is a government website that provides a huge range of information and activities for schools and families.

Link to FUSE Click here for the FUSE website

The following websites from the Department of Education and Training have more ideas to help your child: