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The Lyndale Greens Community

We believe that the key to success for our children is achieved through a shared partnership between home, school and links with the local and wider community. Parents are encouraged to be active partners in the classroom. On a daily basis you will find parents assisting the students' learning in such activities as hearing children read, journal writing, mathematics, cooking, sporting and special school events.

The schools' purpose is to develop all students' capacity as learners by creating flexible, dynamic and relational learning spaces where they feel valued and are given guidance, choice, ownership and the tools to explore their learning.

At Lyndale Greens Primary School there is a strong belief that true learning must be relevant, meaningful and applicable for all students to set goals, achieve their potential and be connected to their community. We are determined to pursue continuous improvement for all students and we clearly understand the strong correlation between teacher learning and student learning. We place a high emphasis on teacher professional development to ensure that our teachers have the latest knowledge and skills.