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• The ability to bounce back from hardships.
• Resolve conflict in a constructive and peaceful way.
• Having a red-hot-go.
• The ability to become strong and successful again after something bad happens.

• Striving to achieve your best.
• Motivated to have a go and keep trying.
• Enthusiasm to continually improve.
• Showing pride by recognising and celebrating personal, school and community goals and achievements.

• Respecting and accepting others in the classroom and in the playground.
• We include others and show that we understand and celebrate everyone’s differences.
• Care about other people and treat them well.
• Tolerant of others, their differences, cultures and beliefs.

• Collaboration and effective communication between staff, parents and students
• Working together to achieve our goals.
• Team work, being a team player and share the load.
• Keep a safe and happy environment.

• All students and staff are happy to come to school.
• All students and staff are happy with what you’ve achieved.
• Strive to have a healthy body and healthy mind.
• Eat healthy food and continue to be active.