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Our Yard Agreement


  • We show respect by using our manners in the school ground.
  • We show respect by listening to others.
  • We show respect by keeping our yard clean.
  • We show respect by using appropriate language.


  • We show honesty by speaking the truth at all times.
  • We show honesty by handing in belongings to the office that don't belong to us.
  • We show honesty by owning up to a problem.
  • We show honesty by taking responsibility for our actions


  • We show motivation by encouraging others to try their hardest.
  • We show motivation by not giving up.
  • We show motivation by trying our best at everything.
  • We show motivation by giving things a go & taking risks.


  • We show empathy by putting ourselves into other people's shoes.
  • We show empathy by not picking on differences such as race, size etc of people.
  • We show empathy by thinking about & listening to other people's opinions & feelings.
  • We show empathy by helping others when they are sad.


  • We show friendliness by having to no violence in our yard.
  • We show friendliness by letting other students join in.
  • We show friendliness by sharing.
  • We show friendliness by cheering people up.